The Lighter Side of Gardening

There might be right ways and wrong ways to plant a garden, and then there is the lighter side of planting a garden. Gardening should be fun and enjoyable, and not looked at as hard work that needs to be done perfectly or immediately.

Simple Ways to Winterize Your Home

Do you dread the coming of winter and the high heating bills while you freeze in your home? There are some simple ways to winterize your home without spending a lot of money that will save you money throughout winter and keep you warm and comfy. 

Helpful Grilling Tips for the Perfect BBQ

There is something about sitting out back and grilling dinner or lunch that is very relaxing. You can grill all summer and I know many who love to grill during the winter. Whether you’re grilling salmon, vegetables or hamburgers, following a few tips can make grilling a nicer experience and the food taste better. 

Helpful Tips for Adding Mulch to the Flower Garden

Orange Asian Lilies
Putting mulch in the flower beds keeps the soil healthy and the flowers blooming all summer and saves you work by keeping the flower beds practically free of weeds. Mulch will also keep the soil from drying out quickly.

Helpful Tips for Installing a Sprinkler System

Sprinkler system
You enjoy working in your yard and having a nice green lawn, flowers and trees, except you dislike constantly moving the sprinkler around. Is this the year you install a sprinkler system? If so, there is a lot of planning to do.